About Me

I am an enthusiastic product design engineer, with a rich experience of over 2 years of mechanical design in consumer products.


With years of experience in product design, I have owned the skills of turning sketch into real by using CAD and manufacturing technologies. I love collecting those weird ideas that pop into my mind during daily life, and actually turn two of them into my patents. 

I love technology, and I am a big EV (electrical vehicle) fan. I believe that the real technology is something you can’t feel its existance but easy to use. I only teach my grandparents once about how to use Facetime, and they just master it. Therefore, everytime I have an idea, I will explain to them as easy as possible. If they can understand, then that’s a success. 

In conclusion, I love designing products that are human-centered, and design for sustainability.

I believe that learning never stops and love to learn something new and interesting. In my daily life, playing piano is my favourite way to release stress and get calm, and help me better focus on my work.


Columbia University

Course Assistant

Assist Professor Hod Lipson to teach a graduate level engineering class with 120+ students, including training students for 3D printers, laser cutters, food printers, embroidery machine, and etc. Also, I am responsible for recording tutorial videos, developing lab experiements, answering questions, and so on.


Digital Manufacturing Engineer

Responsible for facilitating new computer vision quality check system; using knowledge learned to build conceptual digital manufacturing factories; developed a program that can auto-schedule engineers' shifts.

Tesla Hackathon Top 10 Award


Product Design Engineer

Design testing ramps, battery door, housing, sensor supporters for new generation of robot; improve weight of existing models; working with manufacturers to improve quality of parts.

Best Intern Award

Cooper Tire

Quality Control Engineer

Carried out quality check process by deploying six sigma, cp and cpk; coordinated team and negotiated with clients to solved problems

Keling Precise Mold

mechanical design engineer

Collaborating with Foxconn to manufacture moulds for CNC machining.

Excellent Intern Award